Who is Major Dad? (Roy Williams)

Roy has been flying paragliders since 1994. He has flown at sites all over South Africa, as well as the Middle East and Switzerland.

Roy has a real passion for flying and spending time "under canopy".  This probably stems from his military training where he first got his paratrooper wings in early 1963 and has kept his hand in last jumping with the military in November 2008.

He has been flying tandem paragliders since January 2003 and gets a great kick out of sharing the wonder of free flight with others.

He is living his dream by creating a small haven for like minded pilots to enjoy some relaxing and safe flying in the most idyllic setting.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spot and spending some quality flying time with you.  For non-flying friends we can arrange tandem flights.

The nature of our take-off and surrounding areas is such that excellent shots can be taken with both still and movie cameras.

Major Dad and Friends look forward to welcoming you.


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