Some Historical Facts about the location of Major Dad's Paragliding Site

Major Dad's is situated no more than 50 metres west of an historical flying site.

This old flying site on Rudi Van Hamersveld's property is no longer used. Some of the pioneering days of free flight in the form of hang gliding took place here, over 30 years ago.

It is very interesting to note the type of equipment being used in the old photographs of the time as well as the old take off deck.

It is so nice to see the short note of thanks (in gallery below) to the owner from two pilots that flew there.

We also note that one of our stalwarts, of both hang Gliding and Paragliding in South Africa Laura Nelson nee Le Roux signed the visitors book.

It is speculated that the name "Paradise Ridge" was coined by these early free flyers.

They certainly let the owner know that his site was a "Flying Paradise" as Major Dad's is today.

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