Paragliding Paradise - Wilderness, South Africa
Experience the exhileration of free flight at Paradise Ridge

paragliding south africaMajor Dad's private  site is situated along one of South Africa's most pristine ridges in the Wilderness known as Paradise Ridge.

Visitors from all over the world have had the pleasure of flying along the picturesque coastal ridge whilst viewing Dolphins, Sharks, Rays and during spring the last of the season's Southern Right Whales that visit our shores annually.

There are several take-off sites along Paradise Ridge with Major Dad's being one of the newest.

With take-offs from our site in windspeeds as low as 15kph, it is possible to soar along the ridge sometimes hours before or after all but the most experienced pilots can launch from the other take-offs.

During peak season this allows for flights to be taken early morning or late afternoon allowing ample time for pilots to fly the many other sites in the area.

Our site is registered and has been graded by SAHPA, our local governing body for Paragliding and Hanggliding.

The take-off is not for beginners with a basic pilot needing to have at least 100 flights as well 5 flights supervised by an instructor familiar with the site.

For experienced pilots the take-off is a breeze.

There is no top-landing allowed on the site.  We recommend landing at the beach at Kleinkrans.  Recovery is easy and is only 10 minutes away by car.  (All tarred roads)


Conditions ideal for flying this ridge from our site are as follows:

  • Wind direction - SSW, S, SSE
  • Wind speed    -  15kph  -  22kph

Your instructor,guide or host will be able to assist you with advice on weather conditions, including warnings of expected sudden changes.

Paradise Ridge is a very safe environment to fly in.  However, the uninformed or unwary pilot may be surprised by a gust front.  Please ensure that you consult with experienced local pilots and instructors about predicted conditions before flying.

Tandem flights from this site are possible for the more experience tandem pilot. This is a beautiful place to share the special privilege of free flight with a new comer.

Top Landing
Tandem Flight
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